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William Ferdinand

Minds Eye Project

Current Project

I am currently in the midst of organising an exhibition to raise awareness of mental health within the local and wider community. I shall be exhibiting selections of photography and large pieces of abstract expressionist art to depict my own struggles with mental health. I too invite you to share your story within this exhibition, if you are interested in submitting a piece of visual art please get in touch below for more details. I shall be exhibiting in Exeter, UK. Venue and date to be confirmed.

Submitting Artwork

To submit your own artwork for exhibition weather it be a poem, a painting or collage depicting your story with mental health. All are welcome. This is an opportunity to share your story though the medium of art.

Mental Health Awareness

As it stands currently 1/4 of us suffer from mental health concerns. This is a national and worldwide issue. To learn more please visit www.mind.org.uk 

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